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Online Forms and Fees

Forms and Fees for Developmental Services

 Applications & Permits Forms
All permits require plan review before permits may be issued
Annual or One Time Renewal 
 Residential Cost 
(Per Insp)
Commercial Cost
(Per Insp)
 Building / Demolition Permit      $76.92 $125 
Contractor Application Form (Annual Renewal) $125    
Certificate of Occupancy Application Form $150    
Board of Adjustment Application Form $150    
Planning and Zoning Application Form $150    
Foundation Plan Forms (Residential / Commercial Building Additions) Foundation Plans must be stamped and signed by Texas Certified Engineer if the floor area exceeds 500 Sq. Feet.      
General Permit    $76.92 $125
 Sign Permit $125    
 Fire Application Form  (Annual Renewal)  $150    
 Fire-Sprinkler Application Form