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City of Beeville and Bee Area Partership 

Beeville CARES Small Business Grant October 2020 

Even miles from the coast, hurricanes can bring storm surges and heavy rains causing flooding. Protect your home and belongings this hurricane season with flood insurance. FloodSmart.gov/storm. #FloodSmart

Consider getting prepared.  For more information visit the links below



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Online Forms and Fees

Forms and Fees for Developmental Services

 Applications & Permits Forms
All permits require plan review before permits may be issued
Annual or One Time Renewal 
 Residential Cost 
(Per Insp)
Commercial Cost
(Per Insp)
 Building / Demolition Permit      $76.92 $125 
Contractor Application Form (Annual Renewal) $125    
Certificate of Occupancy Application Form $150    
Board of Adjustment Application Form $150    
Planning and Zoning Application Form $150    
Foundation Plan Forms (Residential / Commercial Building Additions) Foundation Plans must be stamped and signed by Texas Certified Engineer if the floor area exceeds 500 Sq. Feet.      
General Permit    $76.92 $125
 Sign Permit $125    
 Fire Application Form  (Annual Renewal)  $150    
 Fire-Sprinkler Application Form