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City of Beeville 
Utility Billing Notice 

Due to the nature of COVID-19 the City staff’s ability to read the meters for Zone 2 (normally due on the 15th of each Month) has been postponed until next month.  Normally customers would have received a bill that would have been due on May 15th.  With this postponement the bill due June15th will include two (2) months’ worth of consumption. The City Staff highly recommends that the customer pay during the month of May the same amount as they did the previous month.  The City of Beeville Utility Billing Office will work with customers if need be.  For any questions please contact Jody Sexton by E-mail: jody.sexton@beevilletx.org or Phone: (361) 358-4641 press   #1/ (361) 542-6577.
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Inspection Form


Please fill out the form below, inspection request(s) must be submitted 
PRIOR to 4:00 PM in order to be on schedule for the following business day.  
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For More Information Please Contact:
Ron White
361-358-4641 ext. 222