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Even miles from the coast, hurricanes can bring storm surges and heavy rains causing flooding. Protect your home and belongings this hurricane season with flood insurance. FloodSmart.gov/storm. #FloodSmartAnyoneAnytime_TW
Consider getting prepared.  For more information visit the links below



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The City of Beeville DOES NOT endorse any of these companies or individuals but has only provided this information as a courtesy to its citizens

Yard Services     
   Albert Aguirre (361)-542-3079 
   Time Rider (361)-354-4762 
   Jesse Robinson (361)-318-1297 
  Leonard Robinson  (361)-542-9713
   Ralph Sutherland (361)-362-8262 
   Monico Cantu (361)-597-0407 
   Joe Cervantez (361)-318-7676 
   Vasquez Lawn Care (361)-362-9905
Electrical Contractors    
  Segovia Electric (361)-354-8867
  Ford Electric (361)-318-5979
  Smejkal Electric (361)-358-7348
  Barnett Electric (361)-358-5393
  Ely's Electric (361)-319-0212
  3G Electric (361)-358-3338
  G & G Electric (361)-318-7293
 Plumbing Contractors    
  ELG Plumbing (361)-318-3317
  Olivarez Plumbing (361)-358-5062
  Rice Plumbing (361)-362-2170
HVAC Contractors    
  All Season's Heating and Air (361)-362-4306
  A-Plus Heating and AC (361)-362-1411
  Beeville Mechanical  (361)-358-3590
  Comfort Air (361)-358-9555
  Country Air (361)-358-3210