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Code Compliance Officer

Code Inspections

The Code Inspections Division enforces ordinances which regulate substandard structures, high weeds, junk motor vehicles, and public nuisances.

These inspections are conducted on a routine, follow up and complaint basis:

  • Weedy lots
  • Illegal dumping
  • Junked vehicles
  • Unclean premises
  • Abandoned Homes
  • Sub-standard Homes
  • Fire Hazards
  • Illegal Dumping
Report a Violation
REPORT ILLEGAL DUMPING:  361-358-4641 Ext 222

Development Services Code Inspection

The Development Services Code Inspections Division enforces ordinances which regulate tall weeds, zoning, substandard structures, junk motor vehicles, and other property maintenance issues. When a violation is identified by code enforcement staff, property owners and occupants will be notified by mail.  In some cases, public hearings must be held prior to any enforcement action. Other cases must be referred to the Municipal Court for prosecution.

Here are a few common ordinances. Homeowners and tenants are equally responsible for the care of their premises.
Each type of complaint received by code enforcement staff has a specific process required by law and an inspector must verify the violation. Each case requires an average of approximately two inspections. Each case demands time and attention and may include follow up with a contract to clean, mow, or demolish.

Code Inspections:
400 N. Washington
City Hall - Room 108
Beeville, Texas 78192
Ph:  361-358-4641 Ext 237
Fax:  361-361-9013

Monday – Friday
8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Feel free to contact us by email at:
Code Enforcement Officers:
Ron White - ron.white@beevilletx.org