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City of Beeville and Bee Area Partership 

Beeville CARES Small Business Grant October 2020 

Even miles from the coast, hurricanes can bring storm surges and heavy rains causing flooding. Protect your home and belongings this hurricane season with flood insurance. FloodSmart.gov/storm. #FloodSmart

Consider getting prepared.  For more information visit the links below



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City Manager's Mission Statement

City Manager's Office Mission Statement:

The City Manager's Office implements the policies of the former and current City Council; oversees all departmental activities, enabling and supporting the departments as they serve our community; instills the City's vision among employees and fosters an outstanding level of service at a reasonable cost.

The City utilizes the Council/Manager form of local government, which combines strong political leadership of elected officials, in the form of the City Council, with the strong managerial experience of the City Manager.

The City's organizational structure is as follows: At the top are the citizens, who elect the Mayor and City Council. The City Council appoints the City Manager, who serves as the Chief Executive Officer, and the City Attorney, who serves as their Chief Legal Council. Eight department heads report directly to the City Manager.

The primary goal of the City Manager, department heads and all of the City employees is to provide excellent customer service to all of the residents and business owners in Beeville.  Any concerns about the operations of the City can be directed to me Joe Montez by phone at 361-358-4641 or email at john.benson@beevilletx.org

City Manager
John Benson
361-358-4641 ext. 220